17RCS Brake Master Cylinder

Brembo Racing -
Brake mc, fold-up lever, 18-20 ratio, switch stop
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Brembo Racing

Radial Brake Master Cylinder Brembo 17RCS , Fold-Up Lever, 18-20 ratio, switch stop.

Part Number: 110A26340.

Brembo Radial Master Cylinder has made the history of Racing Brake System, it's the most usedMotoGP or SBK master cylinder and it is the market leader.
Over the past two years, first in MotoGP and then on SuperSport street motorcycles, Brembo hasintroduced new radial calipers with a smaller piston diameter.
The last generation calipers have a much higher modulability than the larger pistons calipers,reducing braking distances in the straight and increasing speed along corners, so far you can also brake along the first part of the corner and when you stop braking the load transfer betweenfront and rear is smoother.
The motorcycles that have benefited immediately are the Ducati Panigale with Brembo M50 calipersand Aprilia RSV4 with M430 calipers .
Along with these calipers a different master cylinder is required, , that's why Brembo hasintroduced the 17RCS .
The 17RCS then arises halfway between the 15RCS and 19RCS sharing the possibility of variationof the fulcrum common to the entire range .
17 x 18 is the extremest set up, the shorter wheelbase is preferred by riders who like morepower and excellent progressiveness, with a working stroke slightly shorter than the 17x20, the
17 x 20 is the "ready" set up, the longer the wheelbase is, the shorter lever runs, as well lesspower is transferred to the piston.

Adjustable ratio: RCS system
This new patented device allows to modify the pump lever ratio on two values, 18 or 20 mm, bysimply rotation of the eccentric drive placed on the front of the lever drive. By the RCS system-Ratio Click System - it is very easy to pass from one configuration to the other one, modifyingthe lever ratio to adjust it to the different characteristics of the braking system, of theusage and driving, such as, for ex., the wet or dry conditions, asphalt with more or less grip,circuit with strong braking.
This adjustment is the element missing till now to get the ideal feeling among the rider, thedriving style, the bike and the circuit.

MotoGP Floating Piston
The inner piston, seals, push rod are the same as the majority of the MotoGP and SBK riders use.
Brake master cylinder carries out a crucial job during the braking and the usage of the MotoGPparts guarantee excellent performances in all usage conditions because of the very reducedmanufacturing tolerances and of the very good smoothness.

Master cylinder body
The master cylinder body is in aluminium alloy, produced by forging and then CNC (ComputerNumerical Control) machined by lightening milling.
Very closed manufacturing tolerances, similar to those used in MotoGP, guarantee the perfectmatching with the floating piston due to a working precision never seen. For the superficialfinishing it has been chosen the hard anodizing, electrolytic process which converts the surfaceof aluminium and its alloys into a vary hard oxide coating which guarantees very high resistanceto abrasion and corrosion.

Brake lever
The lever is made of two main components: the racing lever drive and the lever itself, folding and manufactured by forging. In the lever joint it has been inserted a patented system whichallows the rotation only by the effect of an eventual tumble of the bike, without thepossibility of an accidental rotation and getting in this way a bigger dynamic
The control for the lever distance adjustment from the handlebar has been re-placed and now itis in axis with the lever itself, guaranteeing the assembly of the eventual remote adjuster.
By using this control, the press push rod does not move in respect to the master cylinder body,keeping the best working angle of the push rod. Therefore, either by getting the brake levercloser or farer to the handlebar, the efficiency of the kinematics motion does not change,assuring less friction and lack of scattered forces.
In addition the lever has its fulcrum on the pump body by mean of a bushing/gauged pin systemwhich guarantees high stiffness and better feeling together with a high resistance to wear.

A special housing has been designed for the rear stop light mechanic micro switch, for streetusage of the master cylinder.
The micro-switch is supplied in the same master cylinder package.

Lever contrast springs
High load springs have been chosen to guarantee the constant contact between the eccentric driveand the push rod; in this way you can avoid wear due to the knocking by the vibrations of thevehicle and an item of further safety is introduced in the transient phase between acceleratorrelease and brake, resulting in an advantageous life increase of the various components.
19RCS , 17RCS or 15 RCS ? These numbers identify piston diameter:
19RCS to be installed on twin disks bikes with axial or radial c
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