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The Tech 10 has set the standard for Motocross boot performance and protection for well over adecade and for summer 2018 the completely redesigned Tech 10 boot raises the performanceenvelope even further.Perfection through innovation; while maintaining the iconic Tech 10 look,the new boot represents an entirely new approach - improving its ability to give a rider theultimate in feel, comfort and safety.
The Tech 10's re-design has been guided by three priorities as the Alpinestars technicalfootwear development team looked to improve overall functionality, performance and safety,decrease weight and reduce material volume. Maximizing these priorities is the key achievementof the new Tech 10 and the result is an all new boot with a greater range of movement andflexibility while offering better control over the flexion and torsion forces that significantlyimprove boot performance, giving the rider greater confidence and protection.
Enhanced Functionality, Performance and Safety:
The Tech 10's comfort is legendary and a key feature in making the boot a pleasure to wear inall conditions. A key objective was maintaining the boot's feel while enhancing its performance,functionality and safety.
The most significant upgrades to the Tech 10 performance are unique technologies: The FrontalFlexion Control Frame, the Asymmetrical Dual-pivot Arms, the patented Dynamic Heel CompressionProtection Shock Absorber which is integrated into a redesigned foot shell and the slimmer, morestreamlined, outsole.
Reduced Weight:
The Tech 10 is lighter, a result of Alpinestars technicians studying all the boot components andtheir connections - how the boot comes together. A re-design of every single one of thosecomponents has been undertaken to reduce volume and weight.
New material composites have been created that are lighter in weight and more durable to ensurethey hold up to the rigors of off-road riding. The new, cold-forged, aluminum buckles are a result with an easier to operate, more durable and self-aligning closure that offer a positive holdacross the upper surfaces of the boot. The result has yielded over 400 grams (almost 1lb) inweight reduction for the new Tech 10.
Reduced Material Volume:
The design also reduces the Tech 10's profile and physical size. It is more streamlined withnewer, lighter, more durable composite materials and a more integrated approach to theconstruction of the components which dynamically enhance the chassis of the boot and utilizemore advanced bonding processes.


- A breakthrough innovation for the Tech 10 is the introduction of Alpinestars patented FrontalFlex Frame.
Combining with the dual front and rear blade connectors, the Frontal Flex Frame gives the Tech 10 a complete and seamless flexion control system, from the foot shell all the way up to the shinplate, offering high performance double motion control, preventing over-compression andhyper-extension, featuring:
- Engineered frontal flexion control offered by a dual-density TPU connector system, uniting thelower buckle plate with the upper blade connector, buckle and shin protector.
- Engineered to 'float' freely between the lower and upper boot construction, the Frontal FlexFrame acts as a shock absorber by distributing energy across the boot frame while controllingforward and rearward flex, progressively releasing force which dampens and absorbs impact energies.
- Asymmetrical, dual pivot arms on boot frame.
- A unique feature of the Tech 10 is the ankle control system developed in the outer shellconstruction, allowing natural ankle movement, vertical compression control and improved impactprotection.
- Asymmetrical medial and lateral double pivot system for improved levels of flexibility andprecision for both independent and synchronized movement.
- The medial pivot arm's higher placement reduces material volume in the lower part of the boot,creating more space for the patented inner ankle brace system to have free movement and improvecontrol.
- Reducing the volume on the inner side also reduces abrasion, where the boot is in contact withthe bike and improves grip and feel.
- Redesigned dual density TPU rear blade system engineered to prevent hyperextension whileoffering improved flex control and impact resistance.


-One the Tech 10's defining features is the redesigned biomechanical inner ankle brace.
-Patented technology which features:
Lighter, anatomically redesigned medial and lateral torsion arms which are compact and offerincreased range of movement and control.
- In conjunction with the outer boot chassis, the ankle brace gives vertical and lateralprotection from ankle and leg compression and rotation and progressive damping of torsional forces during an accident, while still allowing natural freedom of movement.
- Double pivot system allows the Tech 10n
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