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**SHOEI SENA SRL3 Intercom**

The Bluetooth® communication system SRL3 is designed by Sena and SHOEI.

**Seamless Motorcycle Communication**

Revolutionize your motorcycle riding experience with the SHOEI SRL3 Mesh Intercom! This cutting-edge device offers unparalleled connectivity to keep you in touch with your fellow riders clearly and instantly. Thanks to Mesh technology, forget the hassles of traditional communication and enjoy continuous, interruption-free connection. With high-quality audio, advanced safety features, and user-friendly operation, the SHOEI SRL3 Mesh Intercom is an essential accessory for any motorcyclist seeking a safer, connected, and engaging riding experience.

**The Must-Have Accessory for Every Motorcyclist**

This is not just an intercom; it's a reliable travel companion that will accompany you on your motorcycle adventures. The SHOEI SRL3 Mesh Intercom delivers exceptional communication clarity, even at high speeds, thanks to high-quality speakers and advanced noise reduction. With real-time safety alerts and a long-lasting battery, you can ride with confidence and enjoy every moment on the road. And its compatibility with a wide range of Shoei helmets makes it the perfect choice for those seeking maximum versatility and quality in an intercom. Take your riding experience to the next level with the SHOEI SRL3 Mesh Intercom and discover a completely new way to stay connected while you ride.

**Connect SRL3 with Your Phone for Music, GPS, Calls, and More**

**Compatible with Shoei Helmets to Suit Your Needs**

The SRL3 is compatible with SHOEI Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3 helmets. The unit is virtually invisible from the outside of both helmets and includes several easily installable microphone options for you to try and find the one that suits your style best.

**The Best Communication Experience in Its Class**

Designed with a dual Bluetooth chip, SRL3 puts you in communication with up to 7 other riders within a 1.6 km (1-mile) range in an open field. With the Audio Multitasking function, you can listen to your music and simultaneously talk to other users via intercom; the intelligent system will automatically lower the music volume when communication is initiated and raise it again once the conversation ends.

**All the Features You Need**

SRL3 has all the features you need to enjoy your ride: group communication, voice commands, and more. The Universal Intercom function makes SRL3 compatible with other non-Sena Bluetooth communication systems. SRL3 also features Advanced Noise Control : whether you're talking on the phone or through the intercom, wind and road noise won't interfere with the audio.

**Stay Connected and in Control with Apps**

Connect your SRL3 SHOEI communication system to the Sena Motorcycles App (for iPhone and Android) to set up the device configuration and access our Quick Start Guide with a simple touch of the screen. SRL3 can also connect to the Sena RideConnected app for easy communication with virtually unlimited users, regardless of distance, using your mobile network connection.

**Additional Information**

- Talk Time: Up to 10 hours
- Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C
- Charging Temperature: 0°C to 45°C
- Dimensions:
- Headset: 31.9 mm thick, 4.4 mm deep
- Boom Microphone: 55 mm in length
- Headset Cable: 85 mm in length
- Weight: Main Unit 100 g


- Bluetooth 5.0
- Headset Profile (HSP)
- Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
- Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
- Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)


- Operating Range: Up to 1.6 km in open field
- Up to 8 users


- Noise Reduction: Advanced Noise Control
- Codec: Built-in SBC Codec
- Radio Frequency Specifications: 76 ~ 108MHz
- 10 Preset Stations


- Charging Time: 2.5 hours
- Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
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